While USA Today bestselling author Ava Sinclair has written across multiple genres including contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, Western, and paranormal, she's best known for writing hot Daddy Dom romances that offer engaging plots, steamy sex, and relatable characters.


Over the years, she's grown to develop a deeper understanding of why her readers love Daddy Dom books. The idea of a dominant man who provides nurturing guidance while allowing for growth is very appealing, especially when that man also knows that his partner's capacity for pleasure is tied to his unlocking the deep submission Littles experience in the care of their Daddy. Each book she writes is a journey, both for the woman navigating her feelings, and the dominant alpha male desiring a chance to give a woman everything he has to offer, both in and out of the bedroom.


When not writing, she enjoys spending time communing with nature on the twenty-five acres of woodland she shared with her family and menagerie of creatures wild, exotic and domestic. Perhaps her most well-known animal companion is her Eurasian eagle owl, Lucius, whose pictures she proudly posts on her Instagram account.

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