The Eden Series

The Eden Series was my first attempt at writing age play, and these books still remain my sentimental favorites not just because they became so popular with readers, but because I fell in love with the characters and their stories as I was writing them under my old pen name of Elsa Black.

The series — which started with  Becoming Lil' Mandy—is set in the fictional Eden Institute, where female inmates are brought under the guise of entering a reform program that can lead to early release. But the program is, in fact, a cover for a group of wealthy men who handpick women for age regression into a sexual age play lifestyle.

The books include all the kinky things one would expect - spankings, anal play, Daddy doms - but the women who come into Eden are chosen because they display inate submissive tendencies they may not realize they harbor until it is awakened under the dominant guidance of their new lovers.

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