The Little Sleepover: Sweet, sexy fun

September 2, 2016

 Having written my share of age play, I also enjoy reading it. As a sub genre, age play is widely variable. It can be mild, with just the vaguest intonations of a Daddy/daughter dynamic. It can be dark, with the "little" pulled into the role by the dominant force of a paternalistic captor. Or it can — as with Meredith O'Reilly's The Little Sleepover — be a immersion into everything sweet and sexy about the lifestyle.


Meredith's book reads more like a vignette than a story, which is fine because that makes for a quick read that doesn't feel lacking in plot. I was able to finish it while sitting in a traffic jam I found myself stuck in on my way from Virginia to North Carolina.  The Little Sleepover made for a pleasant, fun distraction.


The story begins with Juliana, who is in an ageplay relationship, being dropped off at the home of fellow age player, 25-year-old Samantha Briggs. The pair is to be watched over by Samantha's husband/daddy, with stern instructions from Juliana's "daddy" to Obey the Rules.


What follows is what any fan of age play loves in this escapist genre — innocent regressive fun as the women color, bake cookies and argue over whether Astronaut Barbie should land on Jupiter or Mars. It's cute stuff.


But since no age play book is complete without punishment, the girls eventually run afoul of both daddies by jumping on the bed, even though they know such activity is forbidden. When one is nearly injured, their dominant partners decide firm spankings are in order for both their little girls.


The spanking scene is sweet and hot. But there's also a nice sex scene in this book that moves  one of the couple seamlessly from the father/daughter dynamic to a husband/wife one. I like to see these scenes in age play romances, because they remind us that regardless of the adopted roles, all players involved tacitly acknowledge that they are, in fact, adults. Everything is kept nicely in its place.


Meredith is a good writer, and this is a sweet story that is well worth the money. You'll find yourself reading it more than once. 




“So, you had lots of fun at Uncle Robert and Juliana’s house this afternoon?”


“Yes, Daddy,” she replied, letting out another yawn.


Looking out my rearview mirror, I could see her eyes start to droop. I knew it would only be a matter of moments before she’d be fast asleep. Whenever she wasn’t the one behind the wheel, the steady motion of the car always lulled her into dreamland.


Sure enough, by the time we pulled into the driveway, she was out like a light.


Quietly, I stepped out of the car and walked over to her side. With Samantha and Molly both safe in my arms, and after shutting the door as softly as I could, I carried my wife straight to her little room and tucked her into her day bed, making sure to put Molly right next to her. From past experience, I knew she wouldn’t be asleep for long if her favorite doll wasn’t right next to her.


She started to whimper a little and slowly, her right thumb crept up to her mouth. I hated when she sucked on any of her fingers because of all the germs on them. I snagged one of the spare pacifiers that we kept in the room and popped it gently into her mouth. She started to suck on it immediately and let her hand fall to her side.


I watched her for a few minutes, still amazed at how lucky I was to have such a perfect wife. A few strands of her blond hair fell in front of her face and I pushed them behind her ear, not wanting her to be disturbed from her slumber.


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