The making of a wild Russian menage

May 15, 2017


When I started kicking around the idea for a follow-up to my first paranormal romance, I knew it would focus on bears since a bear shifter was the villain in the first book, Alpha Daddy. I briefly considered making the characters of my latest book, Her Russian Bears, a couple of hackers. But I know my long-suffering publisher doesn't like to get political, and a storyline with a couple of bear-shifters who wanted to Make America Great Again for Mother Russia might cause more angst than my editor deserves. This is how I pictured his reaction.



So I drew on different real life events as the basis for this latest book, and on a visceral level (if not a political one) it's arguably more disturbing than what's going on with our government. It happened in 2008 in the remote Kamchatka region of Siberia. Two Russian plantinum mine workers were killed in an attack that put not just miners, but also local residents on edge when a band of up to thirty bears began to stalk villagers. The attacks were blamed on stress. According to scientists at the time, Kamchatka's dense bear population was facing "unprecedented ecological pressures," including overfishing of the salmon the huge animals relied upon for food


In Alpha Daddy, the evil bear shifter Bruce Holder was different from the wolf shifters in that anger and fear made controlling his shifts difficult. The shifters in Her Russian Bears are the good guys, but they have the same problem.  And when an female American wildlife agent Jordan Rowe shows up to investigate a case of smuggling during a time of hardship for the bear clan, she unwittingly intrudes on a shifter culture in chaos.


It doesn't help that women are a scarce commodity. The bear shifters in my story - mine owner Mikhail Barinov and biologist Ivan Kolov -  know they can keep better control of their emotions if they have a mate. By now I'm sure you see where this is going...two hot guys, scarcity of women, a sudden available female...yes, my dears, it's a shifter menage.



So was it a challenge to make a story featuring real-life bear attacks sexy AF? Not really. If anything I think having a basis in reality ramped up the danger, and made Mikhail and Ivan's possession of Jordan even more erotic. Everyone loves a dominant, protective man. And if he's an animal both in and out of bed, then more's the better.


So how about an excerpt? 


Ivan Kolov took her by her upper arms and looked down at her. “Jordan Rowe,” he said. “It is okay to not understand. It is okay to be afraid. We cannot always be strong.”

Had he pulled her to him, or had she fallen into his embrace? Jordan could never say for sure. She only would remember feeling something unfamiliar at that moment – an overwhelming desire for protection against a reality that had betrayed her by being something other than she knew.

The arms around her were strong, and the mouth that found hers was warm and demanding, but also sensual. His tongue found its way past her lips, sweeping seductively around hers, tasting her as his hands moved under her parka to map the soft curves of her trembling body.

“No,” she said, but the word was as weak as her legs which buckled when his hand found and squeezed a breast, the possessive grip prompting the nipple to harden against his palm.

He worked the shoulder of her parka over her left shoulder, and she shimmied it off her right as he stepped back and pulled his jacket and shirt off. His chest was smooth, chiseled and rock hard, his arms corded with muscles she knew could hold her against her will should she try to escape. The thought of that, of being merciless to his power, made her pussy throb.

No. This time she said the words to herself, trying to rein in the flaring attraction that was threatening to blaze out of control.

There were so many reasons to resist. She’d been stripped of her will. She’d been traumatized. He was taking advantage of that.

So why was she letting him pull her shirt off. Why was she throwing her head back so his mouth could blaze a line of fire up the column of her throat with his lips? Why was she arching her back as his hands slipped into her tight yoga pants to discover her pussy swollen and soaked?

He pulled her bra, snapping the back of it. It came free, releasing her breasts. Ivan sunk to his knees, pulling her pants down as he went. Jordan gripped the post of the bed for support as he pulled her boots off. She stared between the mounds of his breasts into the eyes looking up at her. She’d had men look at her before. She knew lust. But what she saw in Dr. Ivan Kolov’s eyes was something deeper. It sent a shiver through her, being wanted this much by a man she inexplicably ached for.

His hands clutched her buttocks. He squeezed them rhythmically, and her pussy clenched with need, exuding another flood of arousal.

She had her first orgasm when he buried his face in her labia, his teeth grazing it as he growled against the fleshy petals of her womanhood. He pushed two finger into her, driving her up on her tiptoes. Jordan lost her balance and fell forward onto his back. He picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder as if she were a doll. The next thing she knew, she was flat back on the mattress and he was pulling her pants the rest of the way off. She was naked, in daylight, with a man. This, too, was new for her. She’d always had sex in the dark with men who felt their way around her body. Ivan Kolov looked at her hungrily.

“You are stubborn, beautiful woman,” he said. “And you are still strong,” he added. “But you will be soft with me, no?”

She almost came from his words alone, spreading her legs to him eagerly as her eyes fell to a cock so large and erect that it almost made her gasp. He chuckled low in his throat when he saw her eyes widen.

“You will take all of me, Jordan Rowe. And you will scream with pleasure.”

And she did, her cries filling the room as he drove himself hard into her eager pussy. She was tight from her long period of self-imposed abstinence, and the sweet pain of being so completely claimed awoke something primal in her. Jordan’s arms went around Ivan’s broad shoulders, her soft hands clinging to the ridges of his muscles as he pumped into her with brutal thrusts that she met with mindless abandon.








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