Why We Love Daddy Doms

Being grownups automatically entitles us to certain things in the eyes of society – including independence and autonomy. By the time we edge towards adulthood, we are ready to shake the bonds

As an author of Daddy Dom books, I try to put my readers are in the same emotional space as the characters. That can be challenging when writing such a deep power exchange as DD/LG.ofauthority. 


I can do it. Stop worrying. Stop telling me what to do. 



Daddy Dom romance is often understood because it involves full grown women willingly regressing to a state where submissive partners embrace the very boundaries and guidance we shed with adulthood.


Why, people wonder, would anyone want to do that? Or fetishize it?


Maybe it's because we don't realize what we miss about childhood until it's gone. There's so much pressure in today's world, and it can be a beautiful thing to revisit childlike dependence with a man dominant enough to provide the love and guidance only a Daddy Dom can give.


DD/LG books allow us to escape into a world where our characters either want to be regressed or need to be and embrace it once it happens. There's a wide range, from strict scenarios where characters are told how to dress, how to behave, what time to go to bed, what to eat, and where long, hard spankings are the price paid for disobedience.


For people outside the lifestyle, books featuring age play and DD/LG scenarios allow them to enter worlds where this kind of domination and submission is entirely plausible and possible. 


For real life practitioners, the lifestyle requires a bit of finesse. Who’s to say that the Type-A manager who just sent out a commanding memo won’t go home and don a pinafore before being spanked over her Daddy’s knee? And it's not just for women. Who’s to say that the man running a Fortune 500 partner doesn’t seek out the companionship of a woman he can call Mommy?


In a world of pressure and adult responsibilities, those longing for a return to a world of boundaries and control often need a safe place to hide, an escape. For some, it involves a world of fictional characters living as they wish they could live. For others, the escape is real, and in the arms of real dominant with the strength and caring to allow their partner to wear that inner child on the outside, at least behind closed doors.




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